Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cielo Steel Singlespeed Makes It's Pro Racing Debut At Mello Johnny's Spring Classic !

A few of us from Colonel's Bicycles visited Austin last weekend for the Mellow Johnny's Spring Classic mountain bike race. We were shocked to find honorary Colonel's Army team member Will Black piecing together what appeared to be one of the first available Cielo steel singlespeed the parking lot, the day before the UCI pro race! According to WB, he had motorcycle mechanic of the stars Wyatt Seals revalve and change the travel on a front fork(back in Carolina)to the specific needs of the bike's frame geometry & Will's personal riding style! After a practice lap and a few tweaks he was ready for Saturday's race, where he finished 17th in an international field that was stacked really deep with talent! Will was the oldest rider in the field and I believe the only rider on a steel frame...and oh yea, he didn't have any gears!
With 2 days of racing on hand, most of the pros that raced Saturday opted not to race on Sunday due to the heat, although a few of the guys that pulled out on Saturday came back fresh on Sunday to finish at the front. The Will Black mounted Cielo came back to finish 6th.
I think all of us here would agree as well as the guys at Chris King, the WB singlespeed Cielo effort gets the K.O.R. award for the weekend...Keeper Of Real !

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nemajo said...

Nice lookin bike... Not as nice as my Monocog 29er still pretty nice ;-)