Monday, June 7, 2010

Salsa El Mariachi Ti

The new Salsa El Mariachi Ti is in stock now. We have two medium frames in store. We had a large but I couldn't resist temptation and bought it for myself. If you like a light, stiff, durable bike with a silky ride then this one is for you. Made in America by Lynskey and retails for only $1799.99. Here is what Salsa has to say about the new El Mariachi: We first introduced our steel El Mariachi in 2007, and riders have given it rave reviews ever since.

The El Mariachi Ti takes that same great performance, and improves upon it by crafting it from 3/2.5 seamless titanium. Titanium offers a truly unique balance of strength, low weight, stiffness, vibration damping, and durability.

The combination of this Ti tubing, Salsa geometry, and big wheels deliver a smooth ride on root and rock-strewn singletrack.

Whether you’re putting on the big boy (or girl) pants and taking on that NUE-series 100-miler, or just joining your local crew for an all-day trail riding beatdown, the El Mariachi Ti will keep you coming back for another delicious serving of dirt.

Come on by and take a look or give us a call at (817) 924-1333. We can also ship you one if your located in the lower 48. email:


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