Monday, November 17, 2008

$60 and a Hooters calender

$60 is a pretty good prize for second place in a cross race but the Hooters calender is priceless. Justin Wallace can't get the grin off his face after placing second at the Hooters Cyclocross Rumble in Dallas. Please feel free to come by the shop and check out the calender (it's hanging in the mens room). Please limit your time to five minutes!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sully's Ibis Lugi

I have been meaning to post this Ibis on the blog for quite some time but fortunately things at the shop have been busy and I haven't found the time until now. This is another hand built Ibis cross bike that belongs to Colonel's employee Randy Sullivan (better known as "Sully"). Sully bought this beauty in 1997 when he was an employee of Ibis Bicycles. The bike is currently set up as a single speed with 42 x 17 gearing and an old Shimano Biopace chainring. The frame is constructed from Ibis butted cromo tubing. Ibis called their tubing "Moron" tubing because the butts put "more on the ends". Check the frame decal on the seat tube in the photo. Sully's favorite thing about his machine is the Ibis hand built titanium stem. The Syncros Ti post and Brooks saddle rounds out the package. Oh yea, don't overlook the crizzzome bar tape! Great riding bike. If your in town on Wednesday night please come by and do our urban single speed ride.