Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's new in service

This 1998 Ibis Hakklugi in mint condition came in to be built up with a new Ultegra kit. Check out the rear brake cable hanger(known as the hand job for obvious reasons). The Hakkalugi was a hand built steel cyclo cross frame with a flair toward the mountain bike side of things. This particular machine belongs to Clark Million. Clark had one of these stolen from his home years ago and was happy to purchase this frame on ebay recently.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Texas Custom Bicycle Show

Saturday November 1st there will be a custom bicycle show in Frisco, Texas at the superdrome velodrome. In addition to the bike show there will be some events held on the track. Should be well worth the hour drive from Fort Worth. Former Colonel's Bicycles MTB team member Brad Cason, better known as "homegrown", will be there representing KirkLee bicycles. Brad builds high end custom carbon bicycles out of his Austin, Texas garage based shop. Tyler Hamilton of Rock Racing currently rides and raves about his custom KirkLee bike. Check out KirkLee Bicycles at . Anyway, looks like it should be a good event. For more inflamtion go to .

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mas Muy Macho Hombre

Keith Gray could be the most macho man around these parts. He completed the Leadville 100 in 11 hours. The chrome belt buckle is his trophy. The race covers 100 miles of double and singletrack in the mountains around Leadville Colorado. The race was won by Dave Weins with lance Armstrong a close second. Check out the race report at here .