Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gateway Time Trial #4

The Gateway Park Wednesday night Time Trial is your only weekly mountain bike race in DFW right now. What a great way to get through the hump-day and get a workout! The atmosphere has been family friendly and is great for spectating. There's also some great competition and a few rivalries gettin' stirred up.

Thanks to all the people who have been helping out with this: Terry and John Chandler, Anna, Gina, Colonel's Bikes, FWMBA and the Manly Bulge!!!

"Fred's Texas Cafe" is now the premier sponsor of this event by donating time, hardwork and some killer food!!! If you enjoy bike races, eating food and drinking beer, then this is your type of party. As Sully would say, "I normally don't drink."

Here are the results in no particular order:
Round 1 (2 laps=6.6 miles)

Terry "Harold" Chandler 28:24
David Orlikowski 22:54
John Payne 22:45
Trey Richardson 23:42
Charlie Thompson 24:21
Tom Theodore 26:31
Mike Robinson 23:44
Joe Kautz 25:45
Ray Thomes 28:24
Nathan Scaggs 24:41
Ryan Gebhardt 23:25
Tom Kirkpatrick 22:30
Chris Goodwin 27:06
Mark Pruit 21:50
Luke Wright 34:18
Ben Wright 25:47
Chad Krokum 23:50
Chuck Henson 25:23
Aaron Lindsey 23:31
Steven Horvath 22:47
Curtis Box 26:12
Greg Simmons 21:46

Lightning Round (1 Lap, finals)

Mark Pruit 10:47
Greg Simmons 10:48
Tom Kirkpatrick 11:10
John Payne 11:17
Steven Horvath 12:20 (crash-n-burn)

I did some ridin' just to beat my 1 lap record: 9:59 is the new fastest lap

Thanks again to all the supporters and riders!!!

The G.T.T. will be a points series for the month of June!!! Check Facebook for updates and scheduling.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gateway Time Trial #3

Fred's Texas Cafe, that's all I need to say. Terry and John Chandler stepped up to the plate this Wed. night and brought out the gas grill, chicken and fresh veggies... scrum-didally-umptious!!!!! The 'prize' Beer was all provided by Fred's and donations were taken for "Kaiden's Kure" in exchange for food.

Well, it looks like everyone is keeping track of their time pretty well. Some folks made improvements where others did not. Keep puttin' in those practice laps and you'll get faster for sure.

Again, thank you FWMBA for their constant support and to the "elite trail crew" for all of their hard work at Gateway Park and at Sansom park(lookin' good out there, rode it last night). Thanks to Colonel's Bikes and Quality Bicycle Products for supporting this event and for donating some killer prizes. Thank you Terry and John Chandler of "Fred's Texas Cafe." Matt Kocian and the guys have been workin' super hard to get the rest of the gateway trail open. Pretty soon we will be racing on even more single track!!!!

And the winner is... Don Losawyer with a rippin' fast two laps(he didn't stay for the finals)
Round 1
Nicky Stevens 26:51
Don Losawyer 21:37
Nathan Scaggs 25:54
Joe Kautz 26:10
Charlie Thompson 25:08
Chuck Henson 26:26
Chris Goodwin 29:16
Russ Leverman 25:26
Steven Leverman 22:24
John Payne 22:53
Mike Robinson 24:11
Ryan Gebhardt 25:07
Tom Theodore(starman) 27:41
Jerry Clark 32:18
Mark Pruit 22:05
Larry Colvin 22:56
Stephen Moore 28:34
Rider number 424 (big orange) 31:08

Lightning Round-1 lap
Mark Pruit 10:54
Larry Colvin 11:19
Squeaky Stevie 11:00

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gateway Park Time Trial #2

Ok, if you have not made it out to this even, then you are missing out on a really cool thing. Gateway park is the newest area MTB trail brought to us by FWMBA's "Elite Trail Crew," led by trail steward, Matt Kocian.

We had a great turn out that included riders of all ages and skill levels. Greg Simmons killed it on an Atherton CX bike with road tires!! The MBBC was there riding and supporting the event... Thanks GUYS, and Michelle.

I have "Kaiden's Kure" bracelets at the Shop. A $5 donation is requested per bracelet.

Gateway T.T. 5-12-10

Thomas Kirkpatrick 22:20
Don Losawya 22:00
Mark Pruitt 22:42
Hal McCown 27:24
Jerry Clark 29:01
Joe Kautz 26:06
Michelle Reyero 31:33
Larry Colvin 23:44
Jared Sims 30:33
Nathan Scaggs 25:19
Chuck Hanson 27:36
Jason Magby 28:35
Tom Starman 28:06
James Robinson 28:36
Greg Simmons 25:09
Steven Horvath 22:20
Josh Clark (just showing off) 20:24 Fastest lap is 10:06

Thomas Kirkpatrick 11:13
Mark Pruitt 11:29
Steven Horvath 11:00


We're on for next Wednesday. Gateway T.T. 5-19-10
Details will be posted on Facebook

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet I.F.

Good friend of the shop, CEO of RadioShack and Lance's new boss Julian Day brought this beautiful Independent Fabrication frame to the shop the other day to be built up with some Sram Red. Apparently he was on a ride with the Shack team and they didn't approve of the Ultegra kit he was running and sent him a full Red group to replace it with. I also convinced him the wheels would look much cleaner without all the stickers and even though the Sram guys might not be to happy about it he agreed and I think the results turned out great. Check out the titanium lugwork and the red clearcoated carbon in the pics below...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Don't let Surfer Nick, Chopper and Crosby upstage you at the State Crit Championships by showing up with these chrome Jawbones with green vented lenses and green ear socks! Get one up on those "trick stars" by getting a pair of these today at Colonel's. You dont have to go to Mello Johnny's or Bike Mart to get the coolest glasses in the country, they are in stock for a limited time right here in Ft. Worth.
You can even switch to purple lenses w/matching ear socks or red lenses w/matching ear socks if someone shows up and is trying to bite your style! Come in and get a look at these before they are gone and bring your wallet, m.s.r.p. on these babies is $350.00. A small price to pay for dopeness!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gateway T.T. Results

Well, that was fun!! There were about 20 riders in total and everyone was haulin' a$$. The trail was in perfect condition thanks to Matt Kocian and the rest of the "trail crew." We started the race at about 6:30 and had just about all of the riders doing 2 laps. When the results were up we took the 4 fastest riders and made them do one more lap.

Thanks to all of the people who rode and to everyone that volunteered.

"FINAL LAP" results

1 Thomas Kirkpatrick one lap: 11:22
2 Steven Horvath 11:28
3 David Orlikowski 11:40
4 Brian Smith 11:56
5 *Huber* (bikes inc) 12:02
6 *John* (bikes inc) much faster than 13:23


William Stewart 27:48
Jared Sims 29:16
Chris Nutter 26:04
Brian Smith 24:26
Thomas Kirkpatrick 23:43
Russ Leverman 25:06
David Orlikowski 23:08
Chad Krokum 24:33
MR CLEAN fast like lightning
Jerry Clark 32:20
Joe Kantz 24:96
George McGown 25:10
Steven Horvath 23:21
Rone Turner 25:01
Ralph Bailiff (one lap) 16:19

For those of you who want to know where the bar is...
Matt Kocian (2 Laps) 21:43
Josh Clark (2 Laps) 20:53

Stay tuned, the next on will probably be on Wednesday, May 12th.


The #1 request at our store seems to be for tee shirts and water bottles, well it's May 6th and they are in stock and ready for all your spring drinking and wearing needs!
There is a new silver bottle with a green top and a classic clear w/black. We sell them for $8.00 each.
The shirts are brown with a yellow logo and have the "Army" logo on front and the "wrench man" on the back. The colors symbolize Colonel's tour that he served with British Intelligence as a Navy Special Ops Officer or B.I.N.S.O.O. Proceeds go to the organization and please don't ask him about the nights in Baghdad tour. The shirts sell for $20.00 each.
Come get some!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gateway Park Time Trial

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
6:00pm - 9:00pm

This is a FREE mountain bike event. The format will be a time trial tournament. That means that we will have a final 8, 4 and 2 in order to give riders a chance to compete more than once. There are no licences required, which means that all riders are competing at THEIR OWN RISK.

I encourage riders of all skill levels to come throw their "hats in the ring" and have a good time doing so.

Rules: All riders must wear helmets
riders that are being "over-taken" must yield the trail to the faster rider
"celebratory beverages" must be kept to a minimum (red cup)
All riders will start in the order that they are signed up

The course will be one loop, which is sort of short I know, but everyone must remember that this is designed to be fun and in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Please park at the trail head, and not in the "loop".

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!! Let me know if you, or anyone that you know would like to help out. There's not much to do, but all of the trail crossings will need to be blocked for the safety of the riders and folks that are hanging out on the intersecting paths.

Awards: BEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!! the overall winner will recieve a case of Fireman's 4 Ale and a gift certificate to COLONEL'S Bikes.
There will be prizes for 2nd and 3rd.
Donations (beer) will be accepted if you wish to contribute to the prize list.

Thanks a ton, see ya there


Check out this event on Facebook