Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gateway T.T. Results

Well, that was fun!! There were about 20 riders in total and everyone was haulin' a$$. The trail was in perfect condition thanks to Matt Kocian and the rest of the "trail crew." We started the race at about 6:30 and had just about all of the riders doing 2 laps. When the results were up we took the 4 fastest riders and made them do one more lap.

Thanks to all of the people who rode and to everyone that volunteered.

"FINAL LAP" results

1 Thomas Kirkpatrick one lap: 11:22
2 Steven Horvath 11:28
3 David Orlikowski 11:40
4 Brian Smith 11:56
5 *Huber* (bikes inc) 12:02
6 *John* (bikes inc) much faster than 13:23


William Stewart 27:48
Jared Sims 29:16
Chris Nutter 26:04
Brian Smith 24:26
Thomas Kirkpatrick 23:43
Russ Leverman 25:06
David Orlikowski 23:08
Chad Krokum 24:33
MR CLEAN fast like lightning
Jerry Clark 32:20
Joe Kantz 24:96
George McGown 25:10
Steven Horvath 23:21
Rone Turner 25:01
Ralph Bailiff (one lap) 16:19

For those of you who want to know where the bar is...
Matt Kocian (2 Laps) 21:43
Josh Clark (2 Laps) 20:53

Stay tuned, the next on will probably be on Wednesday, May 12th.


Anonymous said...

That was a blast and the best way to unwind after a day at work. Thanks for giving us a great Cinco De Mayo!

Lisa said...

Thinks ' you running the race' should have at least said hi to the riders who came up on this and did not know it was going on . The bike community needs to make an effort to talk to riders they do not know, if they want us to join clubs and shop at local shops . Saw some FWMBA riders who could not even be bothered to get up and say hi or introduce themselves . Did not feel welcome or wanted . It did look like fun and I will be doing my best to tell riders about the next one , this trail is supper fun and fast. I hope you have someone who can be your liaison to the non racers next time . It will help bring new people to the shop if people feel welcome and wanted and know who is running the event . Thanks for doing this for the riders and the trail .

Anonymous said...

Talk about over thinking it ... sheesh.

ano_green said...

@ Lisa.
Thanks so much for coming out. Gateway park needs more friendly people such as yourself. Maybe by being open and engaging with all of the people that you meet, you will motivate them to be more welcoming!! I hope that we can help you with any of your bicycle needs here at the shop, and I hope that you join us for the next event!
-Josh Clark

Anonymous said...

Will there be any photos from the event available for viewing?

Anonymous said...
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ano_green said...

People, this is not a forum for negative comments. Thanks

JohnTheWrench said...

I may just have to accept the fact that I'm just not very fast! It was a cool event, and I'm pretty sure everyone there had a blast..