Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gateway Time Trial #4

The Gateway Park Wednesday night Time Trial is your only weekly mountain bike race in DFW right now. What a great way to get through the hump-day and get a workout! The atmosphere has been family friendly and is great for spectating. There's also some great competition and a few rivalries gettin' stirred up.

Thanks to all the people who have been helping out with this: Terry and John Chandler, Anna, Gina, Colonel's Bikes, FWMBA and the Manly Bulge!!!

"Fred's Texas Cafe" is now the premier sponsor of this event by donating time, hardwork and some killer food!!! If you enjoy bike races, eating food and drinking beer, then this is your type of party. As Sully would say, "I normally don't drink."

Here are the results in no particular order:
Round 1 (2 laps=6.6 miles)

Terry "Harold" Chandler 28:24
David Orlikowski 22:54
John Payne 22:45
Trey Richardson 23:42
Charlie Thompson 24:21
Tom Theodore 26:31
Mike Robinson 23:44
Joe Kautz 25:45
Ray Thomes 28:24
Nathan Scaggs 24:41
Ryan Gebhardt 23:25
Tom Kirkpatrick 22:30
Chris Goodwin 27:06
Mark Pruit 21:50
Luke Wright 34:18
Ben Wright 25:47
Chad Krokum 23:50
Chuck Henson 25:23
Aaron Lindsey 23:31
Steven Horvath 22:47
Curtis Box 26:12
Greg Simmons 21:46

Lightning Round (1 Lap, finals)

Mark Pruit 10:47
Greg Simmons 10:48
Tom Kirkpatrick 11:10
John Payne 11:17
Steven Horvath 12:20 (crash-n-burn)

I did some ridin' just to beat my 1 lap record: 9:59 is the new fastest lap

Thanks again to all the supporters and riders!!!

The G.T.T. will be a points series for the month of June!!! Check Facebook for updates and scheduling.

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