Friday, May 21, 2010

Gateway Time Trial #3

Fred's Texas Cafe, that's all I need to say. Terry and John Chandler stepped up to the plate this Wed. night and brought out the gas grill, chicken and fresh veggies... scrum-didally-umptious!!!!! The 'prize' Beer was all provided by Fred's and donations were taken for "Kaiden's Kure" in exchange for food.

Well, it looks like everyone is keeping track of their time pretty well. Some folks made improvements where others did not. Keep puttin' in those practice laps and you'll get faster for sure.

Again, thank you FWMBA for their constant support and to the "elite trail crew" for all of their hard work at Gateway Park and at Sansom park(lookin' good out there, rode it last night). Thanks to Colonel's Bikes and Quality Bicycle Products for supporting this event and for donating some killer prizes. Thank you Terry and John Chandler of "Fred's Texas Cafe." Matt Kocian and the guys have been workin' super hard to get the rest of the gateway trail open. Pretty soon we will be racing on even more single track!!!!

And the winner is... Don Losawyer with a rippin' fast two laps(he didn't stay for the finals)
Round 1
Nicky Stevens 26:51
Don Losawyer 21:37
Nathan Scaggs 25:54
Joe Kautz 26:10
Charlie Thompson 25:08
Chuck Henson 26:26
Chris Goodwin 29:16
Russ Leverman 25:26
Steven Leverman 22:24
John Payne 22:53
Mike Robinson 24:11
Ryan Gebhardt 25:07
Tom Theodore(starman) 27:41
Jerry Clark 32:18
Mark Pruit 22:05
Larry Colvin 22:56
Stephen Moore 28:34
Rider number 424 (big orange) 31:08

Lightning Round-1 lap
Mark Pruit 10:54
Larry Colvin 11:19
Squeaky Stevie 11:00

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