Friday, June 4, 2010

Gateway Time Trial #5/ upcoming events!!

Yet again, Wed. night mountain bike racing dominates DFW!!! 6-2-2010 marked the beginning of June's points series. There will be several different contests this month to shake things up a little bit. Next weeks course will be different... I'm not telling just yet, but comparing previous times will not matter!! Also, Terry Chandler of Fred's Texas Cafe, has introduced a new contest into the mix: Predict your time. This means that each rider will have to predict his/her best time for the length of the event. There will be separate prizes for this event compliments of GWTT's premier sponsor, Fred's TEXAS!

Well, the thank you list: Terry & John Chandler for the great support/delicious food, Anna Clark-Huey, Gina, the Peddler, MBBC, Alex(course marshal), Colonel's Bikes(the e-z up was nice during the rain, and to all of the riders for helping make this as fun as possible. BTW, Tom's finger is ok. He called the shop yesterday to fill me in on his epic crash story and to let me know that he wasn't gonna sew me!!! yay!!

Here are the results(in no particular order)

Qualifying round-2 laps
Tom Kirkpatrick DNF
Jeff Noon 26:29
Trey Richardson 23:03
Steven Price 25:25
Ben Wright 25:32
Joe Kautz 26:31
Chris Allsbury 27:42
Marcus Long DNS
Jeff Weatherly 22:40
Eric Warden 21:36
Don Losawyer 21:50
John Payne 22:27
Pat Yagle 31:14 Most Courageous rider award
Chad Street 25:14
Chuck Henson 24:59
Diana Weatherly 22:37
Janis Moreman 26:04
Stephanie Weatherly 27:29
Aaron Lindsey 24:16
Kyle Reid 26:45
Robert Plaskota 26:24
Stephen Nold 21:48
Mark Pruitt 21:58
James Sanchez 21:43

The "Actual Lightning Round" it was raining like hell, and yes there was some lightning!!!
1 Lap
Eric Warden 10:56
Don Losawyer 11:18
Mark Pruitt 11:29

Thanks again, everyone! and stay tuned for updates on Facebook


Pat said...

Thanks again, Josh. I had a blast, even if I was the slowest! I'll be there next week.

nemajo said...

Did Ben ride his Crosscheck? I'm going to make it to one of these eventually...