Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gateway Time Trial #6

Another great race at Gateway Park! This week's event was prefaced by some rain and the threat of some serious thunderstorms. Fortunately the rain did not affect the course negatively, in fact, the small amount of rain made it even better for most riders. Two riders suffered injuries that took them out of the contest, but they are A-OK.

This week, I introduced a new contest by asking all riders to predict their time on the course. Most riders overestimated their time.
Here are the result(in no particular order) with time predictions in parenthesis!

Round 1 (2 laps)

Jeff Noon 24:31 (24:50)
Trey Richardson DNF due to injury. We wish him the best!!
Steven Horvath 22:17 (22:50)
Chris Goodwin 27:11 (27:20)
Steven Price DNS
Derrick Saunders DNS His nose is not broken, yet!!
Mike Taylor 23:21 (25:30) Single Speed Winner!!
David Orlikowski 23:12 (22:59)
Brenda Andress 24:24 (23:21)
Diana Weatherly 22:23 (22:30)
Stephanie Weathers 26:38 (27:15)
Kyle Reid 25:48 (24:00)
Aaron Lindsey 23:14 (23:00)
Terry Chandler 28:04 (27:00) Third Place single speed
John Payne 22:42 (22:00)
Mike Norman 23:28 (22:00)
Melody Strot DNF
J.J. Clark DNF flat tire :(
Michelle Wooten 42:50 (35:00)
Jeff Wooten 26:16 (27:00)
Robert Plaskota 26:51 (26:00)
Justin Welborn 24:42 (25:00)
Alex Gibson 23:26 (25:25)
Greg Simmons 22:38 (21:50) rolled in on a FLAT!
Jason Magby 26:49 (30:00) 2nd place single speed
Lightning Round (one lap) This course was modified from the normal course. It included an extra .5 mile section of single-track and the mud pit of death

Greg Simmons 13:48 (flat tire)
Aaron Lindsey 12:53
David Orlikowski 12:53
Diana Weatherly 12:35
Stephen Horvath 12:22

Mr. Clean was Lightning Fast

The podium finishers received gifts from the following sponsors: Fred's Texas Cafe, Dickies Clothing, Colonel's Bikes and Panther City Bikes

Thanks again to Gina for her help with registration and scoring. Thanks to Nathan Skaggs and the rest of the MBBC. See ya next week, and get ready for Sansom Park Time Trial!!!!


nemajo said...

Very cool! List is getting longer every week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting on this great event and getting these awesome prizes!!!! Now I can go to Dickies and get some clam diggers so I can be just like you  and stop by Panther City and get some cool swag . Big props go out to Terry from Fred’s CafĂ© for the best food and great refreshments . Thanks to the MMBC for the cash prize…it was donated to the cause…I need to clean my bike after riding threw the mud pit of death so I can go try out my new helmet.
Thanks again and I am looking forward to the Samson TT.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to give a big shout out to Colonel's Bike Shop for getting this started and donating all the great prizes.

Anonymous said...

This is too much fun! Thanks to all involved in putting on these time trials.