Thursday, December 1, 2011


The Ultegra 6770 Di2 series has arrived. These components were born to realize more stress free riding, super stress free operation, thanks to Di2 technology. Digital operation reduces the chance of human error and continuous durability. Ergonomic controllability with Di2 technology for the next generation of riding experience. Optimum ergonomics contributes to better steering control. Auto trim system makes it even more easy to ride and diagnosable system works on PC for maintenance. Not to mention our service manager here at the shop is certified by Shimano to trouble shoot the system should you actually have a problem with it. So no more complaining about"I can't afford Dura Ace, to get electronic shifting". The Ultegra Di2 is now here! Bike size and wiring configuration can differ from frame to frame please call for pricing (817)924-1333. This is possibly one of the first groups like this available in Tarrant county, pricing on this kit will be done at M.S.R.P.

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