Monday, November 28, 2011

The perfect Christmas gift for mom, daughter or both!

If you're wracking your brain trying to figure out the perfect gift for the ladies in your life, these two beautifully mod styled bikes from Giant could be just the thing to make mom and daughter smile.

W Via 1
Sram Motion 3 speed internal gearing

The bold candy apple red paint job, trimmed with white and grey stripes make this little gem pop. The cool spittop tube, 1920's style seat, and custom alloy basket are the sweet finishing touches that give the W Via 1 a nostalgic look that will be classic for time to come.

W Via 2
Sram 8 speed shifting

The stark contrast of the black and white paint on the frame and fenders of the W Via 2, give this beauty a vintage feel too. It's classic colors, splittop tube and clean lines are simple and stylish, yet there is no skimping on the attention to detail. Check out the all little flowers.

Whether purchased singly or as a pair for mom and daughter, the Women's Via is sure to make your princess's smile.

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