Sunday, October 2, 2011

Soma B-Side first ride

Finally got all the parts together, got my Soma finished, and went for a shakedown ride at Gateway today. After getting a good feel for the bike on the first lap I made a few small adjustments to the seat and bar angles. Second lap everything felt dialed except for tire pressure so I dropped down to about 30psi and on the third lap everything was perfect. The 650b x 2.0 tires are a great compromise between 26 and 29ers, still rolling over stuff better than a 26 and easier to get through tight turns and back up to speed than the 29's. The thing that impressed me most though was the Soma Clarence bars I used on a whim. With the exact right sweep and width I'm sorry I haven't tried them before now.

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Doug Mayer said...

cool build! I've got the 2.3 neo-motos and like to run about 20-23 psi, but I'm a light guy (120 lbs).