Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moots Vamoots with Reynolds Tubulars and WTB Devo Saddle

In anticipation of my day off today, I installed some Reynolds 66 tubulars and a WTB Devo saddle on my Moots before leaving the shop. The weather was perfect with a slight south breeze when I left the house for my ride. I immediately noticed that the wheels rolled faster than my stock ones especially when going straight into the wind. My daily wheelset consists of Campy Record hubs on Mavic Reflex tubulars with butted spokes and Challenge tires. Great comfy and durable wheels but not as free rolling as the Reynolds tubulars. I did feel a pretty good push on the front wheel in cross winds but nothing I couldn't get used too. Overall, a great ride and I'm gonna be bummed to take them off.
Lately I've been on a mission to find a saddle that is compatible with my 47 year old increasingly saggy anatomy. My old standby Fizik Aliante just wasn't working anymore. I think I nailed it with the WTB Devo saddle. I could comfortably ride for miles on end in the saddle without pain or numbness! I already have one of these on my Orbea Alma MTB but wasn't sure it would work on the road. The Devo is now my saddle of choice. I guess I should mention that we have a Reynolds wheel rental program and a saddle demo program that consists of WTB, Fizik and Cobb saddles. Ride On.

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