Thursday, December 3, 2009

Whopping Deals on 2010 Orbea Demo Bikes!!!!

OK, here is the deal. Orbea USA will be clearing out all their demo bikes at drastically reduced prices here at Colonel's after the demo on Saturday. This is the last stop of the demo tour. These are all 2010 model bikes. This is a rare chance to score a smoking deal on a new Orbea! The prices are as follows:

  • Orca 51cm Orange Shimano Di2 Electronic Components $5829.99
  • Orca 54cm Red Shimano Di2 Electronic Components $5829.99
  • Orca 57cm Silver Shimano Di2 Electronic Components $5829.99
  • Orca 51cm Orange Shimano Ultegra $3369.99
  • Orca 54cm Orange Shimano Ultegra $3369.99
  • Orca 57cm Orange Shimano Ultegra $3369.99
  • Orca 60cm Orange Shimano Ultegra $3369.99
  • Diva 53cm Pink Shimano Ultegra $3369.99
  • Diva 49cm Blue Shimano Ultegra $3229.99
  • Alma 18" Silver Shimano SLX $2119.99
  • Alma 18" White Shimao XT $2869.99
  • Alma 18"Blue Shimano XTR $4379.99
  • Alma 18" Red Shimano XTR $4379.99
  • Occam 21" Carbon $4279.99
  • Occam 19" Carbon $4279.99
  • Ordu 51cm Matte Black $5249.99

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