Monday, December 7, 2009

'Cross Houston Weekend

Houston was the place for cyclocross action last weekend. Two races, one weekend and a little bit of mud!! Saturdays race was held at Buffalo Bayou park on the western edge of downtown and was a surprisingly difficult course that included a nice muddy run up, levy climb and a mud "bog" with barriers at the end of it. The race tempo was set by Brian, as usual, and it didn't take long for the pack to blow up. Brian walked away with it and showed a kind gesture of mature racing savvy to yours truly!
Sundays race was on the southeast side of town (next to a cemetery) and offered a little more elevation which gave the skinny guys a leg up! Brian killed it again, but he was followed by Matt Davis who had a double 2 for the weekend. Big props to Matt for the consistency! Justin Wallace also jumped in for a 4/3... way to go J-Wal! 817 had some good reps in the 713.
Houston, we'll see ya soon for the Woodlands weekend!!!



Anonymous said... well did JC rep the 817 down in the 713? Dawg!

Anonymous said...

That doesn't look like the Colonel's kit... what team is Josh racing for?

ano_green said...

That's Broken Films Racing. 14th on Saturday(lame!) and 8th on Sunday(a little better).