Friday, January 4, 2008

Daddy's Unit 2-9

Thanks to Steve Ullrich and his daughter Lauren for their patience. We finally completed their Kona Unit 2-9 custom bike build. This bike started out as a rigid single speed 29 inch mountain bike and ended up as a touring, shopping, rough road, trail, do it all machine. We added Ultegra 10 speed shifters to a Ritchey bio max drop handlebar and a double crankset with Shimano XT rear derailleur on an 11/34 IRD 10 speed cassette. Say that 10 times fast! The package was rounded out with Old Man Mountain racks, Planet Bike Cascadia fenders and Vittoria tires. Thanks to mechanic Tim Gray for his custom rack brace fabrication. Did I mention the Avid disc brakes for superior stopping power when the bike is loaded down? This was a fun project and came out looking great. Check it out.

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Steve said...

Thanks Rick, Doug, Tim, Randy & Aubrey for the awesome work on the bike. Lauren and I are having a ton of fun and I think the bike is going to do everything(and more)that I wanted it to do. Thanks again for all your time and effort.

Steve Ullrich and Lauren