Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surly Steamroller

Surly makes a sweet fixie called the Steamroller. While the frameset hasn't changed much over time, they do offer a different color choice each year. This year's shade is called......wait for it.........Meth Teeth. Despite the devious imagry that name may conjure in your mind, the Grey/Green color of the frame is sharp!

Here is what Surly has to say about their Steamroller:

"Listen to veteran fixed gear riders long enough and they’ll start to wax philosophic about fixies, how the bike is an extension of one’s body, how the simplicity and the silence are pleasing to the senses, how riding one is at first unnerving and later addictive. As we have said since we introduced the Steamroller frameset, we won’t try to convince you that riding ‘fixed’ is better or special or why you should try it. You’ll have to determine that for yourself. But whether you’re old school or new hat, you’d be hard pressed to find a better canvas to build your ideal street machine.

It’s made from Surly 4130 CroMoly steel because steel is durable and responsive, things we like and we’re pretty sure you do too. Its geometry is somewhere between road track frames, and notably it will take big tires (up to approximately 38mm) because big tires make sense on streets and paths-- tire casings flex before the frame. It’s got a set of water bottle braze-ons and that's about it. The Steamroller has been around since long before fixed gears became a pop culture favorite, and it's still around for a very good reason: It rides great."

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Cody Bartz said...

I am thinking about getting this exact bike. Thank you for sharing and posting photos.