Friday, November 12, 2010

The 2011 Orbea Bikes Are Arriving Daily!

Stop by and see the new 2011 Orbea bicycles. Still beautiful and still "THE BICYCLE OF SPAIN!"
Here is a sneak preview of what we have to offer.
The new version of the Orca is a Pro bike lightweight and with an amazing design. The perfect relationship between weight lateral rigidity and vertical flexion. The UCI Pro Tour team Euskaltel Euskadi have vouched for its efficiency ease of handling and stability and our Olympic champion Samuel Sánchez tests out the safety of the Orca on even the most complex descents. Prices range from $3999.99 to $11,274.99

Dama is Orbea’s specific geometry for women's bikes. Women are built differently, and the geometry of your bike frame therefore needs to be different.Our studies have shown us that these differences are a shorter trunk and longer legs. Prices range from $799.99 to $2899.99

Excellent features, an attractive image and affordability for just about anyone. Those are the three mainstays of the Aqua frame: aluminium with excellent features, lightweight and with a great appearance. We’ve created this great range of bikes with different colours, assemblies and components, knowing that no two tour riders are the same. Prices Range From $799.99 to $1499.9

There are good reasons for choosing the new Orbea Alma. Racing geometry five individually-designed sizes the first-ever four-vertex front frame in MTB history a unique appearance. A design that increases stiffness and resistance by transferring all your pedaling power much more efficiently. Do you like it? You'll love it. Prices range from $1699.99 to $6889.99

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Anonymous said...

hi .. here they said about the orbea bikes it is they arriving daily and it is one of the model.. always felt right at home on my bike, as if it was designed specifically for me, and this first longer race was no exception. everything felt solid.Bikes Sale