Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wireless, Winter Training Brought To You By Colonel's And Mavic.

What are you doing on the blog right now when you could be downloading intel from your last training ride? CB's has teamed up with Mavic to bring you the latest in wireless computers for your bike. There are 2 versions in stock including the Wintech USB HR for $169.99 it has wireless heart rate and USB connection to transfer data to your PC and analyse performance. We also have the Wintech USB which offers 12 basic funtions without heart rate with the same PC downloading capability for $99.90. You can choose 3 speed sensor types to use with the same computer, the E-Skewer sensor for $39.90, the E-Bolt sensor for $32.99 or the Fork Sensor for $21.99.
It's not as complicated as it sounds, we will install 'em for you and they are from France, so up your game and come in and join the high tech performance team at Colonel's Bicycles!

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