Monday, May 18, 2009

Colonel's Is The Texas Xtracycle Dealer

Turn your old bike or new bike into a cargo hauling machine with the Xtracycle Free Radical. Pictured here is a Giant Boulder SE mountain bike with the Free Radical and the LongTail accessory kit. The Free Radical is the base of the whole operation that you will need to get started. Then you can add a multitude of accessories.

The LongTail Kit Includes: Two V-racks, two Freeloader bags, and one Snap Deck. It's intended to be the accessory kit for the FreeRadical Base, the Big Dummy and other longtail bikes built on the Xtracycle standard. This is the kit to get to upgrade a base FreeRadical frame to a complete FreeRadical kit - and then onto your existing bike.

Freeloader bags are open ended and expandable to swallow backpacks and guitars, they hang flat and out of the slipstream when not needed. Buckle configuration allows for over-the-top loading, too.

Mesh ends keep your tomatoes and flip-flops from getting lost. Made of coated nylon for durability and weight saving. Has two pockets on the inner panel: a large Velcro enclosed pocket for a rain coat, pump or sweater and a small mesh pocket for tools, coins, etc. The material (600d nylon with three layers of PU coating) is water and abrasion resistant.

The Freeloaders will hold about three grocery bags on each side. Or an expedition-size backpack. The mesh ends fold out of the way, so you can carry home that stuffed marlin you found on the side of the street.

Come by Colonel's anytime and take this baby for a test ride. You'll be suprised how well it handles. Most people say that they forgot it was even back there.

We have them in stock and ready to put on your bike.

Give us a call at Colonel's Bicycles if you have any questions. (817) 924-1333


John Garrish said...

Greetings -- may I post a picture of this Xtracycle on my blog?

Naturally I will attribute and link and so forth...

Thanks in advance!!


Anonymous said...

Please do, Colonel.

John Garrish said...

Many thanks!! Should be posted in a few days.

Please note: If you want to see follow-up comments from other Xtracycle fans, post a comment on YOUR OWN picture, and click the option to "email followup comments." Many Xtracycle owners have questions for fellow owners... :)

Keep on truckin!

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