Friday, May 2, 2008

Slam Position

Look out for Sebastian Gracki at the next event. I spent a couple of hours with Sebastian working on his position and improving his power output while addressing some knee issues. When we started his seat was too low and too far forward (wish I had taken a before photo). Sebastian also had a leg length discrepancy in which his right leg was shorter than the left. We shimmed the right cleat in order to even them up and put him in a modified slam position. After the session he was generating more watts and using more of the abductor muscles. Watch out!


Seabass said...

Changing the fit of your bike a day before the race (Cold Springs) is usually not a wise decision, BUT this has been the best thing that I've done since purchasing this bike.

I rode like a champ, without any pain, or even the slightest chance of cramping. During the climbs, in particular the last towards the finish line, I sat in and pushed without much effort, passing many standing climbers.

Unfortunately I was at the back of the field and misjudged the short duration of the climb. I could've done much better considering how great my legs felt.

I rode the day after with a buddy in a time trialing effort to catch up to a group that had a 5 mile lead. I felt fresh, and really strong. There's only one explanation.

I attribute my comfort, increased power and success of this last race to Doug's expertise, and his phenomenal fit.

Getting this fit has been the BEST MONEY EVER SPENT.

Do yourself a favor, GET FITTED BY DOUG!!!

I feel as if my riding potentional has just doubled. Sorry to be so long-winded, but this fit is the "shit".

Doug, stop by, wine's on me!



Anonymous said...

I second that, Sebastian. Best thing I have done since purchasing my Moots from Rick!

Anonymous said...

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