Sunday, October 28, 2007

On The Road

I spent about 38 hours making a whirlwind tour of Denver, Boulder and Steamboat Springs Colorado. The highlights: the Moots bicycle factory where I was lucky enough to spend the night in their dealer apartment, Vecchios bicycle shop in Boulder, and Veloswap in Denver.

This is Veloswap in Denver. Definitely the largest bicycle swap meet I have ever witnessed.

Inside of Vecchios bicycle shop in Boulder. Bikes start at $2400 and go up quickly. The dude in the black vest (Joe Hughes) works in the store and is originally from Fort Worth.

The first Moots factory. Legend has it that the building was an incinerator purchased at auction from the city of Steamboat for one dollar by Kent Eriksen. The building is now a bicycle retail store.

The current Moots bicycle factory. Home of the finest titanium bikes in the world.

This is Rabbit Ears Pass — Notice the sign designates the Pacific and Atlantic watersheds.

Short but sweet-
Over and Out

-The Colonel

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