Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Worlds Finest Hand Built Dog Collar

Well, it may not be hand built and it may not even be the worlds finest, but it is a Moots dog collar. Yep, Moots, the manufacturer of fine hand made Titanium bicycles, also offers dog collars. The collars are available in three sizes depending on the diameter of your pouch's neck. If your a freak about Moots bicycles like me, then you may want to invest in one for your dog friend.
Note: this is not a professional dog model, it's just Jackie (better known as the Jackal) guarding the back yard and throwing in some squirrel chasing in her spare time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Endangered Mountain Gorillas

This is a rare photo of three endangered Rwandan mountain gorillas. They can be identified by the silver/blond fur on the faces of the dominant male (see ape on left). The two in foreground were photographed while performing a traditional mating ritual. Witnesses said that the event went on for hours and that the eerie grunts and groans could be heard for miles.

OK, Brian and Katy recently spent a month in Africa. They are planning to share their experience with us on Monday, March 30 at 6:30 Pm here at Colonel's. There will be a slide show and some story telling. Bring your own beer. Beware: If Brian or Katy offer you any crushed Rhino horn, just say no!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moots Titanium and Chris King Headsets

Some things just go together like bread and butter, white on rice, or like water is to wet, cold is to ice, fire to smoke, pig is to pork, Siamese twins......Ok, you get the idea. The point is that Moots titanium frames and Chris King headsets just go together. As a matter of fact, I can't think of any Moots that has been sold here at Colonel's that went out the door with any other brand of headset. Now you can get a Chris King headset FREE with the purchase of any in stock Moots frame or complete bike. Limited time offer 3/20/09 to 4/20/09. Call today (817) 924-1333

P.S. I stole some of the comparisons from the Stevie Ray song "Close To You". Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moots Road and Moots Mountain Bikes In Stock Now

Moots Compact road
Moots Vamoots
Moots Mooto X YBB We ride em and we love em and now we stock em! Colonel's has been a Moots dealer for several years, mostly ordering as needed. Now we have these three fine hand built machines in stock. They are: 56 Vamoots, 55 Compact, 19 inch Mooto X YBB. Please come by and put your paws on them. Study the nice welds but please contain your slobber. Consult us about a complete bike build and we will position you on the bike free of charge upon delivery. If you are from out of state we will be happy to slip them back in the box and ship them directly to you (frame only or complete bike) . We have 12 months same as cash financing available whether you live in Fort Worth or Fort Wayne. Call us if you have questions at (817) 924-1333 or (817) 924-2453.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Custom Colonel's Jersey, Pre-order only.

Get ready for the 09 season with a Colonel's cycling jersey. This is the real deal made by Craft Custom. This will be a nice hot weather jersey with a full zip. Wholesale cost on these is $80 and that is what we will be selling them for. We are now taking pre- orders only and there will probably not be any hanging around the store for purchase later. There is a race fit and a club fit. The race fit is extremely snug (I will not be wearing the race fit due to my oversized gut). Give us a call if you would like to order. The deadline will be 3/15/09. (817) 924-1333